All roads lead to Clean.

At C K, we believe Clean is a destination.

Every product we make and every person we employ understands that no matter the mess, we’ve got a product that can clean it. For us, Clean is the place where everyone wants to be.

Cleanin’ Since 1981.

Luckily for us, our founder–Charlie Kunkel III–discovered how to get to Clean over 40 years ago. And he’s been guiding others to the promised land ever since.

Whether it’s through private labeling our products, offering the highest quality car wash soaps and detergents, cleaning food plants, or printing labels, signs, and marketing materials, Charlie has always tried to do things one way: right.

Circa 1981 in Lee’s Summit, MO  |  Charlie Kunkel III  |  CEO & Founder  |  C K Enterprises, Inc.

From the outset, Charlie prioritized his team, firmly believing that the way we treat others is paramount.

His vision propelled C K Enterprises Inc. from humble beginnings – just one man and a mixing tank – to a sprawling facility spanning two campuses, with a workforce exceeding 500 across the United States. Each week, we expertly blend over 100,000 pounds of chemicals, ensuring top-quality products for our clients.

In 2023, C K Car Care underwent remarkable growth, acquiring Hydro-Spray to offer an even wider range of options to our valued clientele. Additionally, we launched the Barracuda Automatic Car Wash system, further solidifying our position in the industry.

This seamless integration of chemical and car wash manufacturing has positioned us as a powerhouse, providing car wash entrepreneurs with a comprehensive solution under one roof.

The Proud Home of Signature Series Car Wash Products
all products made in the u.s.a.